A Brit, Growing A Brand...


Hello. I’m Laura & this is LoveNotes. 

Join me here & get to know the great British loves of my brand, NIXEY.

I dream of owning a store

A little patch of land (preferably with a Notting Hill postcode... dream big right!) where you can see what inspires us, touch the fabrics we work with, smell the leathers we’re using, speak to our craftspeople, taste the coffee we’re drinking, hear the music we’re listening to…

Until then, I’d like to recreate this experience as best I can in this little corner of the internet.

 A place where we can both get to know NIXEY better. 

You may well ask why I would need to get to know my brand better?  The truth is, my internet history & now social media feeds (thanks algorithms) are currently full of brand identity / brand personality tips, yet the more I read the further away I feel from enlightenment! Launching in 2016,  two months before I became a mother, it’s only now that I fully appreciate the parallels between parenthood & owning a company. From conception, I was clear on the core values of NIXEY:

Artisanship, British, Meaningful.


In these first two infant years, my role has been to understand the basic business needs & nurture these values.  NIXEY is growing into a wilful adolescent with a strong sense of self, full of opportunity & enthusiasm but in need of some serious character building! This next Coming Of Age phase is scary & exciting in equal measure. Like any good parent, I hope NIXEY emerges well-rounded, with an identity that’s socially conscious, interesting & interested.

Exploring all there is to love about this great British country & culture that inspires NIXEY - from fashion & art, to music & design - let’s traverse this milestone right here in LoveNotes.

Wish me luck!